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2016 FOALS

PALS Foxy Feature


DOB: 01/02/2016

Bay Appaloosa Filly With Characteristics and Varnish

Sire: Iles Smokin Aces (Snowcap)

Dam: Maple Hollows Perfect Echo (Buckskin)

"Foxy" was named for her TINY EARS!! She has a beautiful head to go along with her perfect body! Foxy will make an excellent show filly and later will be an asset for an appaloosa breeding program. Foxy will be offered for sale at weaning. SOLD! Congratulations to Eric and Terri Sapp!

PALS Night of the Oscars


DOB: 02/28/2016

Smokey Black Appaloosa Colt

Sire: Iles Smokin Aces (Snowcap)

Dam: Versitility Farms Moonshine (Perlino)

"Oscar" was named because he arrived while The Oscar's was being televised. Oscar is a beautiful smokey black colt who will, most likely, get appaloosa varnish, as his sire is homozygous for the appaloosa gene. He is correct in every way! Oscar will make a nice show gelding or pet for someone. He will be offered for sale at weaning. SOLD!

PALS Spectacular Sir


DOB: 4/3/2016

Black or Smokey Black Leopard Colt

Sire: CMC Sir Galahad (Blanketed Appaloosa)

Dam: Mountain Highs Phoenix (Black Appaloosa)

"Pistol" is just that! He is constantly playing with his ball, running and playing! He has the PRETTIEST HEAD!! Not to mention his beautiful leopard spots!! I just can't say enough about this quality colt!! The pictures don't show how refined he is. Pistol will be offered for sale at weaning. Pistol's test results are in. He is homozygous for black (EE), Lp, and PATN1. SOLD! 

PALS Bright Taffeta


DOB: 4/16/2016

Buckskin Leopard Filly

Sire: Iles Smokin Aces

Dam: PALS Katiebug Cuddles

"Taffy" is a beautiful buckskin leopard filly! Actually, she is tri-colored: White, black, and buckskin spots!! She is a very special filly! This is the fourth foal for Katiebug, and all have been loud colored, correct foals! She will mature in the 33 to 34 inch range. Show her and breed her later! She will be offered for sale at weaning. Taffy is SOLD!

Name Pending, aka "Feather"


DOB 5/8/2016

Black Appaloosa Filly

Sire: Iles Smokin Aces

Dam: Ridgerunners Hope Springs Eternal

This is a beautiful, correct filly with the prettiest head!! She will varnish out and will look just like her mother. This lovely filly is available for purchase. She will mature close to 32.00. SOLD! Congratulations to Eric and Terri Sapp!