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2013 foals

PALS Smokin Hot Carmel

DOB: 04/25/13 AMHA/AMHR

Buckskin Filly

Sire: Iles Smokin Aces

Dam: Maple Hollows Perfect Echo

Perfect foaled a beautiful buckskin filly at 9:30 AM! This filly has the most beautiful head! She is correct in every way, and she is already getting white hairs over her hips. :-) Carmel is being offered for sale for $1,000.

This is Carmel pictured below as a yearling 5/14/14. She is a beautiful filly that has matured nicely.

PALS Spotlight Review

DOB: 4/26/13 AMHA/AMHR

Black Near Leopard Filly

Sire: Iles Smokin Aces

Dam: Derbytowns So Sorrel

'Chrissy foaled her third near leopard filly at 8:30 PM! This filly is a full sister to her 2011 and 2012 fillies. But this girl has a huge star on her forehead, plus two blue eyes! She, too, has a beautiful head! We are so pleased with Smokey's foals! 'Reva' has been SOLD.

PALS May Minx

DOB: 05/18/13 AMHA/AMHR

Buckskin Leopard or Near Leopard Filly

Sire: Iles Smokin Aces

Dam: PALS Katiebug Cuddles

Katiebug foaled a beautiful buckskin leopard or near leopard (to be determined) filly at 1:30 PM. This is her first foal, and boy are we ever pleased!! I am anxious to get this filly clipped to see if she has leopard spots on her legs. I know she has spots on her face. I can see them through her hair. Minx is not for sale at this time.

Pictured below are Minx and Carmel playing in the snow.